Training this week

Coming off an injury at the end of the XC season this year, I’ve been struggling to get back into a regular training routine. Starting to feel a little injury plagued; have a week or two of solid training to have an old injury flare up and put me back on the shelf.

So this week was my first week back into regular physical activity after about 3 weeks off. Those 3 weeks were very, very long. I had forgotten how integral running and daily work outs are to my self definition.

Which brings me to this week: I have been continuing the daily physiotherapy exercises from our team physiotherapist and definitely have been seeing an improvement. Not many people can stand, one legged, on a inverted ball with their eyes closed like I can. And do it with a straight face… I have also started a twice daily core routine- planks, supermans, the works-  as well as some simple body weight exercises. I normally am lucky enough to be able to get these done in the morning before I have to go to class.

I also made it out for a couple runs this week. Easy 40 minuters on Monday and Thursday and a very easy/smooth 90 minute jog today. The conditions weren’t great for any of the runs, but being in Edmonton, I expected nothing different. It just felt good to get out there and relax. It was really nice to fall back into the feeling of just running; not worrying about anything else going on. The 90 minute was way too difficult for my liking, but I guess that’s why I’m lucky we’re still a few months from race season. I will need the time to get my fitness back to a place where I can be happy with it.

I think that will be the most difficult step for me moving forward. I need to believe in my fitness. I need to be able to be confident with my training and with my ability to run before I can think about racing. I don’t want to race to finish this year, I would like to build on the success of last XC season, where I PB’d at the U of S open and also in our team trails. I had finally started to feel that I was making progress as a runner and I am hoping to continue that, even with the 3 months without serious training.

I haven’t decided on a race schedule for the coming season, I want to see how my body responds to (hopefully) increasing my mileage and getting in some hard workouts. I am hoping to race a few times this summer, and to hit 700 minute training weeks. Ambitious goals, but definitely attainable.

I’m fired up to start running again and see where I end up.



” To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” 

Blogging has been something that has interested me for a while now. Having read many different blogs on many different subjects, I couldn’t decide which direction my own should take; should it be strictly a mathematics/education site, where I can chronicle my own experiences as a student and teaching assistant, or should it be a athletics centered blog: a place where I can post my own experiences as a CIS athlete and high school coach? Should it be something in the middle, a collage of the two things that define me; athletics and academics? Or should it be neither? 

I haven’t decided… yet. So I started this blog with no idea where it is going, nor the paths it will take on its way there. I’ve decided to let it become what it will. I will publish what interests me, what inspires me or anything that I feel needs to be shared.

In short, this blog will become what it will. I have no goals to be met, deadlines to meet, but simply a blank page and some ideas. I can’t wait to see what this becomes, and I especially look forward to re-reading some of these posts in the near (or distant) future.